Grading Coins and Bills of Canada
Grading Coins and Bills of Canada

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Grading Coins and Bills of Canada

The Sheldon Coin Grading Scale is a 70 point scale used in the numismatic assessment of a coins quality. It is used by nearly all major coin grading companies, the main two being NGC and PCGS.
The grades for the scale are as follows:
      About   Very   Very Extra About Mint Proof
Blank Poor Fair Good Good Good Fine Fine Fine Uncirc. State State
0 1 2 3 4-6 8-10 12-15 20-35 40-45 50-58 60-70 60-70
The scale was invented by William Herbert Sheldon.
Value of a coin goes up with it's quality and with its rarity both together.

Poorer quality coins that are not rare will have little value.

Poorer quality coins that are very rare will have a very high value.

Note do an Excel Graph on two coins across their quality, one of low rarity and one of high rarity to compare the curves.

So much for the scale, but what makes a coin fall into any category. While it may seem obvious, it is not obvious, what is obvious is that the more experienced you are then the more valid is your grading, however, try to explain to a neophite why a coin is Good vs Fine. I skip a whole grade just to show it is no where described what makes Good or what makes Fine! Note in the 1-70 scale there are gaps!
Quality grading
Early grading systems
The quality of all coins is not equal and collectors felt the necessity of defining the quality of the coins in order to assess their value. Rims, nicks, polishing, scratches and other forms of wear are considered factors in grading a coin. Also, if coins have been in some form of jewelry also affects the grading.
In the early years of coin collecting, three general terms were used to grade coins:
good - when circulation had worn the surface of the coin, but details were still visible.
fine - when features were less worn and a bit of mint luster showed on the surface.
uncirculated - when the features of the coin were sharp and the luster approaching the state of the coin at the mint.[2]
Well there is a feeble something!
Grading of Paper Money - Bills
Link to A good description of Bill Grading
Notes in Very Fine (VF) condition:
A. The note will have no tears, holes, or writing of any kind and will be completely intact.
B. Evidence of wear may be present along the edges and corners, with no weakness in the design. The Corners will not be rounded.
C. The note may have up to 4 major creases or folds with broken paper fibres, but no design loss in the creases.
Notes in Uncirulated (UNC) condition (new).
The note must be clean, crisp, with no tears, creases, folds or marks of any kind or description.
As yet unfinished, More to Come!

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