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Preface to Web site.

I was very frustrated with the searching and sorting through documents relating to Numistical Information.

Documents that are useful in learning how to grade coins and bills is not readily found. Found that has some very good examples. I am still looking!

The idea of a coin grading game came to mind, present a coin, ask user to grade it and compare their grading with others, should be fun and educational. It seems the only way to learn to grade coins is to give it a go, experience, experience, experience.

I was also looking for a template that newbies could find a way to grade their own coins and put some sort of value to these coins. I mean here that they can start their own data base by just grading the coin and using the information to value the coins. Have the ability to print the list of their coins and valuations. On Hold for now.

I am developing a way for Registered Users to create a list of the coins they have, and it would be accessable only by their ID and Password. I also felt each Registered User should be able to publicly list coins they might want to sell. This leaves us with who can see whats for sale? Open to all or only Registered Users? Thinking all but limit any method of contact to Registered Users. Who are registered users? Answer: those who pay for the priviledge! And of Course Register their identities with me (for a fee of course!).

What of getting truly experienced (Professional Graders) to tell us what the coin really would grade as (and why!) so we could compare our own grading with that of professionals? On Hold.

The methods for valuation are currently very elusive.

You can buy the Charlton books for the valuation which is what the Coin Stores will charge you for a coin.

You can buy the Charlton books for the valuation which is what the Coin Stores should be buying coins.

When you set these side by side there is a huge variance.

Much of the time, the advice given is to take the old bills to the bank and cash them in for face value!

Coins that are silver are often worth more for the silver than the collector value! About 20 times the face value. So I am testing a calculation for Bullion Values that will display with each coin based on market price of metals.

Coin prices I have listed were mostly from a version of World Coins.... newer books have different prices.... All listing are in $US.

Something is very wrong here.

Most of the coins presented with pictures are from collecting at commercial outlets starting in the second half of 2012. By late 2013, I had abount all I was going to get from circulation coins and have purchased many non circulating coins since.

These are what any collector can find today. Pennies had more coins from the 1950s to 2000. Had meaning you cant get pennies unless you buy generally ebay items. There are some quarters from 1968 to 2000 and very few Dimes. I did have some luck with the Nickels in the same time period but the Pennies were the easiest to find. Dimes the hardest.

So as you can see the person interested in Coins can find quite a few over a 60 year range right in their own community.

Trading of coins with others is a near impossibility unless you join some type of Coin Collecting Club and when you look at the number of really expensive collector only (Wealthy Collector) it is obvious most new to coin Collecting will be put out of the leaque immediately.

Thus how do you see what others have and are willing to sell, or sell yourself when you have no market place except for the Coin Stores? These coin stores have developed a business along lines that does not support those new to numistics except they will buy your coins at a small fraction of their value and sell them back to you for exorbitant price changes. But that is the way it works as they need to eat too!

My vision is to build a website that anyone can lookup coins and get an idea of their value. It takes a lot of work, learning if your coin is one with a Near 6 or a Far 6 and what the values of each really are.

There are huge amounts of newly minted coins, and I mean in styles, designs and colors! More than 1/2 of the population does not even know they exist. I find most of mine by accident, just looking at the coin the clerk just gave me!

Recently (2013) spent 10 weeks in Europe, adding the coins I collected from regular purchase change.

I did buy some coins in Europe (Vatican, Athens and San Marino. Travel in a group that included Australians and Philipinos, traded, begged, cajoled and purchased some of the coins from their home countries and I thank them very much.

I have purchased most of the Mint/Proof/Specimen Sets and a couple Wayne Gretzky Coins you may see here, coin dealers, pawn shops, and ebay sort of thing. At this point I have bought very few older coins. Just keep looking in another old box, locate misplaced Coin books from years back etc.

To acquire the missing coins I know I have to purchase.... Coin stores, Pawn Shops, Advertisements, Garage Sales, Estate Sales, eBay and Networking

Have had a few people who know me offer some coins (often for free) but I know I have to pay them fairly or not take them.

Problem is.... with all the above about valuation and buy prices what is fair? I cant often pay full Store Price and Know you have to be well over the face value and bullion values but now we get into the grading game. Yikes! How to loose a friend and create and enemy 101 course.

I am sorry but my budget nor I want to purchase that huge coin belt from south america... Course it is all silver, but $1200.00 gets me alot of Canadian hard to get coins and that was my goal (Have to remind myself occasionally)

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