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My rules are:
1. Identify yourself to me,
2. First Name,
3. Last Name,
4. Strata Plan, (LMS ####)
5. Unit number,
6. Building,
7. Address, city
8. Email Address
9. Phone number,
10. State how you want to be identified on posting or blank
11. Provide a Topic
12. Write what you like.(Do not use characters like ' or ")

I will post it as soon as I am able.

Your email address, unit number, name, address, phone number will not be posted nor given out except where law would make it necessary. The identification you provide in line 10 above is all that will appear on the blog.

I reserve the right to refuse posting of any article, will not post anything knowingly, that may cause you or me to be sued for defamation, liable, contravention of privacy acts or any other law. So keep it clean, remind everyone it is just your opinion based on certain beliefs or feelings, complete or otherwise.
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Letters of Opinion to Strata Council and Owners
AGM 2012 Comments
Bylaw Breaches by Councillors Parkview Roof Hatch Expense Transfers from CRF Uninsured Deposits of $213,617.31 Sep 30, 2011
Statuatory Holiday did not Pass Security Breach Security Breach Continued Uninsured Deposits of $184,000 Aug 31, 2011
Council Spending On Security Feb 10 2011 Minute Errors Thieves in Grandview Late Minutes of March 17, 2011
Council Spending not Legal Bulletin Boards are not effective for Owners Minutes Frequently Late Council Fails to provide Meeting Notice
No Concrete of parkades in Special Levy Presentation Not Financial Statements Feb 10 2009 Minutes Items not 3/4 Vote CRF accounts MUST be Insured - Audit 1
Operating Account must be IN TRUST - Audit 2 Tractor purchased pre Feb 01 2010 Grandview Parkade Proposal $25,000 Audit cost were booked in 2009/2010 year
Documents Removed from Bulletin Boards Council Empowered without Policy Soliciting/Canvasing Council Increases Control by removing Owners Rights Audit Report is not a Favourable Report on Councils Actions.
AGM Voting Irregularities House Coats and Bare Feet Caretakers Feeding Councillors Pet During work hours Parkview Mailbox Damaged
Green and Pink

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2010 Annotated Minutes Notice of AGM AGM Minutes January 28 2010 AGM Proxy Form January 2010
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