An off Earth Experience
An Off Earth Experience
A 200 Year Project

This is about colonizing another place in the universe.

The goal:
The goal is to establish a sustainable human colony on 3 other locations in the universe?
Well let us start with one.

The Space Ship:
Think along the lines of The Orion Project.
The scientists today say there is dark energy or mass if you wish that exceeds the mass of all stars, planets, asteroids and space junk to the factor of about 2 times.
If this mass is everywhere why can we not find a way to use it propel our space ships to high velocities?
Akin to a jet engine that sucks it in on side and expels it out the other?
Lets learn more about this dark whatever it is.
Star trek, Ion drives, Impulse engines, Warp engines
Tao foundation for the advancement of space travel.

How Big?

Create Gravity by Spinning the Ship?

If the ship were built in two or more sections, a bearing between, then one section could be made to spin one direction and the other section(s) the opposite direction by means of electric motors (DC current for variable speed).
It might be safest to have a stationary outer hull, and these spinning sections within that creating a double hull if you wish,

Depending on the masses of each section, a different gravity effect could be attained for exposure to the anticipated gravity of the planet you intend to go to.

At the center of these spinning sections, there would be no gravity, so simple steps from the floor of each moulule to the center and aome sort of doorway would allow people to move from one section to another.

The initial spins could be part of the first weeks or months in travel an interesting task in itself.

What do we need to take with us to do this?
  • Genetic diversity,
  • Food, can we take live chickens, pigs, cows?
  • Medical Supplies,
  • Knowledge, how to grow everything, make everything, and I mean all technologies,Kind of reminds me of the chinese libray of 1424
  • Abliity to grow or create the supplies we need along the way,
  • Ability to train all necessary positions along the way,

  • What are we likely to acquire along the way rather than taking it with us?
  • Water
  • Asteroid Materials, including metals.
  • Knowledge
  • How to live in the space ship harmoniously?
  • How to occupy the time in the trip.
  • Scientific Knowledge regarding where we are going.

  • Should we be sending robot ships first to prepare this new location for a better chance of survival?
    Ie more and better info for when we get there, landing locations, terraforming?

    What types of contingency changes should we be allowed or likely to change along the way?

    Where are we going?
    Kepler - 186F Recently discovered panet somewhat like Earth
    Kepler - 186F is about 500 light years away, and other less similar in the 100 to 200 Light year distance.

    How long will it take to get there?
    What % of the speed of light can we expect o attain and what reduction in time will that speed produce?
    Assuming we could have a combination of these resulting in .5 light years(a totally fictitous number), to get to a planet 100 light years away would take 200 years and another 100 years for those on earth to know about its success or failure.

    How often hould we send out another ship?
    Can we send one every 5, 10, 15, 20 years?

    What do we do along the way?
  • Feed ourselves,
  • Get sections of the ship sinning to generate a psuedo gravity force, Centrioital Acceleration
  • Build what we can for when we get there?
  • Raise our families,
  • Maintenance of Ship,
  • Listen to Earth news and developments

  • What do we do when we get there? How many theres?

  • Analyse the surface conditions for habitability,
  • Search for current life forms and their effects on us and us on them as living together,
  • Terraform the new Planet, if needed and it likely will need it.
  • Maintenance of Ship,
  • Send down an advance Crew,
  • It could take 2 to 20 Years before most people would go to the surface,

  • What will we learn in doing these voyages?

    What will we learn here on Earth while these voyages are travelling?

    Do we wait till we are fully prepared? When is prepared?

    Experiences along the way? How many generations will it take us to get anywhere?

    What are the benefits of this investment in time, materials and what is the return?
    Hope! A dream to fulfil, perhaps, and that in itself is more than enough, if we have Health and an Environment here on Earth that is sustainable.

    Who goes, who does not go? Volunteers there will be plenty!

    How to remove the politics problems. The megalomaniacs, the power hungry, the degenerates, etc that will threaten peace on the mission?

    Church of The Family - Barcelona Spain
    A 200 year project - to build a church for the people.

    What could we create today if the world chose a 200 year project?
    We have examples of this today, World Health, World Environmental Protection. These must continue, I do not see them as 200 year projects but infinitely long projects.

    What shall I do with my life in the next 20 years?
    Perhaps I can be part of inspiring, envisioning, and facilitating the start of this process, it is time to do so.

    Part One - The gathering of documents.
  • Create a place on the Internet. It alone allows collaboration and dissemintation of informatuin, besides lots of the information being looked for likely lies on the internet, create links to them, do not duplicate them.

  • Seek contributors, supporters and incidentally those who disagree and their reasons, let us all sort the shit from the burnt honey in our own minds

  • Look for all methods and projects that were once dreamt up by someone and examine them all for their advantages and disadvantages. ( I once read a book about a space ship launcher – Canon – built in Florida... I should try to find and review that story. Add a link to it for others to comment on if they wish.) Did Jules Verne ever write anything about space travel? In the 1980s I was enrolled in my first computing science Many great ideas fail because, “their time had not come” this is a project that be pursued repeatedly until its “Time Has Come” same as the search for extra-terrestrial life, it will be found, just when. When it is found, so what, we all know innately that it will be found. I don’t mean to play down this search for life elsewhere, I think it very important to this topic as it will provide answers to where we should and should not go as a place to establish a human colony in extra terrestrial space.

    For centuries the earth was thought to be flat and the center of the solar system. Even though is was known by many not to be flat or the center of the solar system. The curve of the earth was too obvious even to the naked human eye. Keeping of the dogmas or stayed ideas that limits human endeavours in so many ways. For most life forms on earth, what did it matter if the earth was flat or round, the center or not the center of the solar system, life went on the same either way. Surely it prevented much learning and understanding of the world around us. Yet many advances are only part advances or even wrong. By continual studies to understand and prove as best we can in any topic we improve. Keep it up. If nothing more you may find your hypothesis to be un-provable in your time, and that too has value.

    With my current understanding, traveling to a point a million light years away does not seem appealing! So bend space and time!

    Many people claim we are visited by space aliens, I believe we are being visited by extra terrestrials. Some people claim to have been abducted by them, more claim to have seen them, and of course governments would attempt to cover it up because they have to, admission to this as a fact could cause world havoc due to paranoia. If people think about space aliens at all, they have a hunch it is true. Well if space aliens can get here, we can get there. If indeed there are governments that have hidden or classified information on visiting space craft, there could be much to learn of the technology used to get these aliens to our planet. Hiding this information would be folly at this time, so cough up the information. Humans are ready to go into space seriously, far be it from a small minded government to deny it. Personally I do not think government or any agency have any extra terrestrial space ships for scientists to study or we would have studied them and results however stupefying would have been published, yet i DO understand the ability of humans to hide or covet this kind of knowledge. It is not really a goal of this project to go looking for space aliens, many viable projects do however it may be an unlooked for result. The goal here is to establish Human Life elsewhere on an uninhabited world. Terra-forming it and colonizing it.

    Technology advances in the last 100 years, has accumulated much of the information we are looking for to complete this project. The advent of the Internet, oddly created by scientists to share their findings, can, does and will continue to do so. The addition of the social networks can and will explode the ideas and possibilities to the masses and when it is time this project will be forced by the ground roots people to happen.. Unfortunately most things don’t happen until they are needed, should there be a threat to all life on earth will we have the luxury of the time to put human life elsewhere? Why did the people of Barcelona embark on a 200 year project of building The Church of the Family? Inspiration, faith, hope and the knowledge in time it would be done. We could have space ships containing Humanity to other worlds in much less than 200 years yet they many not get there in 200 years.

    One serious question remains, are Humans acceptable as a species to inhabit other worlds? We are an extremely aggressive species that has no qualms about killing. Wars and megalomaniacs abound in our history. Power and wealth acquired by conquering is a huge part of our history. Would Darwin say we need to evolve a bit more before we are qualified for colonizing elsewhere?

    I believe there is a small percentage of Humans that have evolved sufficiently; they are characterized by their ability to use the scientific method. I believe the masses have that ability too but do not exhibit it clearly until lately, via the understanding of World issues like health and enviroment.

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